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1500 Vino is an upcoming Louisiana based rapper with a promising future. Determined to make his name in the rap game, 1500Vino stays consistent with his work ethic and has already generated a decent buzz in the short time he’s been making music.


1500Vino is a Louisiana based rapper born in New Orleans. More specifically, Algiers, where he explains ” It’s real grimey out there; vultures everywhere.” Before rap music he was always an ambitious person; just working and making it happen. Some of his daily hustles included trapping so that he could get some studio time and other crucial investments for his rap career.

1500Vino’s Music Career

1500 Vino has been making music for about 2 months. But within that timeframe he’s definitely generated a solid buzz. He achieved this buzz with no features or collabs; all by himself. Vino’s started making music because he was attracted to the lifestyle, and the fact he could eventually live off it. People call him “1500Vino because he’s from the 15th ward in the city, hence “1500,” and “Vino” because that’s his nickname. One of 1500 Vino’s biggest inspirations is Yung Bans, he describes that the path Bans took was very unique.

1500 uses several images of Chucky as part of his music artwork. This is because 1500Vino truly enjoys Chucky’s character; he likes his unpredictability throughout all his movies. 1500Vino’s music tells a story, everything he describes in his raps is what he really feels and does. 1500Vino lives a fast paced lifestyle and he makes sure his music reflects that. In the future, he’d like to work with Young Thug, because as 1500Vino describes it “Young Thug is music.” Besides that, he really doesn’t like working with people; for now he doesn’t plan on selling any features.

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