Icy Narco is a Miami based rapper who has recently began to create a strong buzz around his music. Some know him due to his similarities to Lil Pump’s style and even call him a “Lil Pump 2.o.” But this is far from the truth, even though he might use similar lingo and phrases, his music is very different. Icy Narco’s flow has similarities to all the recent viral music Lil Pump, XXXtentacion, and Ski Mask The Slump God have been releasing; it is like a blend of all these. Due to this, it is safe to say Icy Narco will be UP NEXT.

Icy Narco

Icy Narco is a 19 year old rapper from Miami, Florida. After 4 years of practice and freestyling, he has recently started to take music seriously. He faced a rough upbringing and had to overcome several obstacles that were getting in the way of his goals. Because of this, he wants to utilize his music to help people grow and to help see the positive in any situation life throws at them. Due to the amount of songs he has released, he states that his fans haven’t been able to hear his true sound. He plans to demonstrate his flow soon by releasing some of the 20 songs he has in “the vault.”

Icy Narco Music Influences

Icy Narco’s primary influence is Linkin Park. He enjoys the feeling you get from listening to their music. He wants to replicate this feeling with the music he produces. He also says Lil Uzi Vert and Nav both have influenced him greatly in finding his sound. Icy Narco has an open mind, and is willing to listen to any genre of music. He says because of this, several other genres besides hip hop, such as rock and country, have influenced his music production as well. He calls his music the “Icy Wave.”

Icy Narco & FBG Duck

Icy Narco made a video dissing Lil Pump and mentioned “big tooka” in his rant. This video somehow got to FBG Duck and he responded angrily by posting an Instagram story with a screenshot of Icy Narco’s profile stating “Whoever TF This Clown Is Let Him Kno We Don’t Play Like Dat He Can Get Took Out This Shit.” This got several haters to go and call Icy Narco out on saying stuff about Tooka, which he then replied “life insurance season 4 yall Keepin strictly in the streets Given nobody clout.” By his reply, you can tell Icy Narco was just using the lingo to be trendy, and didn’t exactly mean it in the way FBG Duck took it. Icy Narco explained himself to FBG Duck but FBG Duck didn’t back down and started talking trash on his Instagram story. Once Icy Narco saw this, he made a video saying FBG Duck is banned from Miami. Additionally, he uploaded a video of him and his fans yelling “Fuck FGB Duck.”

Icy Narco & MXGIC Altercation

According to MXGIC, he had robbed Icy Narco for an ounce of weed and some cash. MXGIC got on a phone interview and explained how he had run up on him and taken Icy Narco’s stuff. Icy Narco hasn’t responded and it is still unclear that this even happened. The only source for this interview is SoundCloud from a newly created account called “Miami Bio.”

Icy Narco’s Mission

Icy Narco’s plan for the future is to start preforming shows and to drop some of the music he has been holding. He says he is still shock with all the people that have supported him, and that these people are who motivate him to keep progressing. His current feature price is $150 but that will change soon once he begins to release the rest of his music.


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