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Indica Baby is a Florida based rapper, who is also known as a producer under the name “Doja Da Kid.” Hopping back into rap game after taking a short break, Indica Baby is more than ready to make it happen in a different environment and a lot more experience under his belt

Indica Baby

Indica Baby is a new and upcoming artist from Jacksonville, Florida. His music career begins here but continues in Los Angeles, California; where he just recently relocated to. While Indica Baby may seem new to the scene, he has been making music for quite sometime. Also known by his producer name “Dojo Da Kid”, Indica Baby has always had a passion for music production and learned only from the best. Being in an uplifting environment, Indica Baby went from playing around on GarageBand to producing quality beats with professional equipment. The people who have supported him the most are his friends he grew up with in Duval County.

Behind Indica Baby’s Name

Indica Baby used to have a dog named “Indica.” She was very aggressive, which always led her to starting fights with other dogs. This was tolerable at first, until one night (July 4th), his roomate’s ex let the dogs go outside. It happened to be the same exact time the fireworks were going off. This ended up in a huge “massacre” as Indica Baby describes it, which inevitably resulted in him having to get rid of her (the dog). Because of this, he chose to name himself in memory of her. The name “Indica Baby” has several other additional meanings which he will disclose at a later time.

Indica Baby’s Introduction to Music

In 2015, Indica Baby got a used 2001 MacBook and began to mess around on GarageBand. Indica Baby started to produce around this time, later to find out he was doing it all wrong. Luckily, he linked up with his friend, Blessins, someone who was way more experienced than him. Blessins soon started teaching Indica Baby everything he knew about producing, and Indica Baby quickly caught on. Indica Baby was actually doing so well, his friend CWill pulled him aside one day and took him to a guitar center. Here, CWill bought him an interface, a mic and a mini to help kickstart Indica Baby’s music career. Fast foward a couple months, and Indica Baby is in the studio watching Blessins make a beat, and Blessins convinces him to get on the mic. This was the beginning of Indica Baby’s rap career.

Jacksonville VS Los Angeles

In Jacksonville, Indica Baby only really associated with Blessins, in regards to music. Blessins is the one who produced two of his latest songs “O.J.” and “Water Wet.” Even though Indica Baby kept his music circle small in Jacksonville, he acknowledges all the great talent being born out of the city. Since he just recently got back into rapping, Indica Baby is still trying to figure out what route exactly he’s trying to take with his music. He does however have music with another Jacksonville based artist, but nothing official that has dropped yet.

In contrast, Indica Baby is really enjoying Los Angeles. Moving to California had always been a goal for him, from way back when him and Blessins started making music together. Blessins had always told Indica Baby that LA was where they were going to breakout. Indica Baby wouldn’t say he likes LA more than Jacksonville, but it is definitely a different environment. So far, Indica Baby has met a decent amount of like-minded people, but has yet to do any collabs. He is still learning the game and focusing on what he needs to do to make it happen. He plans on collaborating with several other people who live in the area, once he feels he has mastered his product and sound.

Indica Baby’s View On The “New Wave”

Indica Baby explains he’s not here to clout chase or “go viral”. He just wants to make good music. If people enjoy it, then great… if they don’t, he could care less. He will stay true to himself and his character, and will not conform to what people think is “cool.” With that being said, he still enjoys the direction rap is taking and doesn’t hate, he likes the new wave.

Indica Baby’s Current Project

Indica Baby’s current project, “Rainy Days In LA,” is set to drop in June 2018. This will be his most recent music to date since “Interlude” (2016). He explains “Interlude” was an unprepared release but he decided to put it out anyways because he truly enjoyed the track. This time around, expect some diversity. With Indica Baby you can expect to find variety across his music. He explains that every time he gets on the mic, he approaches his raps from a different angle and mindset. It’s all a learning process according to Indica Baby, he wants to get as much experience under his belt so that he can create the best music he can.


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