Lamb$ (Insomniac Lambs) is an Ohio based rapper and a member of the Insomniac Mob. Lamb$ has been making music for quite sometime and admits he has gone through several ups and downs. He was on the rise right alongside Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, until he was arrested in West Virginia for gun possession. This was a huge setback, but Lamb$ showed his persistence and determination the second he was out. His work ethic and grind hasn’t been affected by his past and he has proved to his fans that he is here to stay.

Lamb$ (Insomniac Lambs)

Lamb$ (Insomniac Lambs) was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He lived in an apartment building during his early childhood but then later moved to a small house with his mom. Lamb$ dropped out of high school sophomore year, and tried doing homeschooling shortly after. He soon realized that it wasn’t for him because he would not stay focused and ended up inviting friends and girls to come skip school at his house. During that time, he was selling drugs and working at a shoe store. He slowly started drifting towards music as he slowly started buying equipment to make and record music.

Lamb$ Intro To Music

Lamb$ started making music because he wasn’t really into any sports, despite being 6’3”. He states “Just like any other nigga in the hood trying to find a way out, I ain’t fuck with sports for real, I ended up buying a cheap ass microphone and I started recording stuff, it wasn’t like my music now but it was a start.” He got the Insomniac name from Dave Atell’s show. He would find himself late at night watching it at his Grandma’s house when he was around the age 12 to 13. From there he soon  started dropping music and networking. People started reaching out to him, especially after dropping “Digi Scale,” resulting in a remix being made with several different artists.

Lamb$ Known Collaborations

Lamb$’ known collaborations include Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti and Tee Grizzley. He talks about how he had met Lil Uzi Vert on twitter. Lil Uzi Vert wanted to be on the “Digi Scale Remix” but he was too late, so Lamb$ told him to link up anyways to make some new songs. They soon met at the studio and made like five songs back to back including “Rollie.”

Early Career

Lamb$ originally started recording at Timeless Music in Cincinnati, OH. He says it was one of the best studios in the area. During Lamb$ early interviews he was very weary of what info he was disclosing, since he was facing a court case at the time. He has opened up and shared more details about his life in the most recent ones, as he is beginning to feel more comfortable in the music industry and understands it is required for branding.

Lamb$ Arrest & Jail Time

Lamb$ was arrested earlier in his career for gun possession in West Virginia. This was a setback, but Lamb$ persisted and would routinely call his manager from jail to make sure he had shows lined up for when he was released. Fortunately in jail he had connections with the head inmate of the cell block. He was also from Ohio and had taken Lamb$ under his wing. Once he got out, he was put on probation and had to deal with a nosy probation officer for some time.

Lamb$ Plans For The Future

Lamb$ plans to stay out of jail and to continue to progress his career. Alongside the recent addition to the Insomniac group, Rarri, him and Lamb$ have been helping one another succeed. Lamb$ really wants to put Ohio on the map, like previously stated in his early interviews, he believes the music scene in Ohio is inexistent and people need to become more aware of the people who have blown up from there. Lamb$ also said labels have been reaching out to him, but have given him very low offers. He plans on staying independent and working collaboratively with the Insomniac Mob.


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