Lucki, also known as Lucki Eck$, is a Chicago based rapper. Lucki has shown how dynamic of an artist he can be throughout his projects. From Alternative Trap (2013) to Watch My Back(2017), Lucki draws a picture of what he is feeling and going through. Just like one of his mentors, Earl Sweatshirt, had told him; to write about his perspective to life.

Lucki (aka Lucki Eck$)

Lucki, previously known as Lucki Ecks$, was raised in West Chicago, Illinois. His mom lived in the ghetto, while his dad lived in the suburbs. He starting rapping at an early age alongside Chance The Rapper, and had a good relationship with him and Chance’s father. They had met at an open mic that Lucki went to just to kill time; but eventually he began writing poetry and converting his poems into raps. He explains his first music was really slowed down, in order for him to be able to emphasize each line from his poems.

Lucki & Chief Keef

Lucki also had a relationship with Chief Keef (S. Chicago), and helped promote Keef’s music on his side of town (W. Chicago). Lucki went to school in the suburbs, where no one listened to the kind of music Keef was producing. He was there when Keef started to become popular and personally told Keef to stay focused, because he had seen the fame getting to him.

Lucki’s Disappearance & Comeback

Lucki, also started slacking himself and had started taking a lot of Xanax. He had become addicted, and even said he couldn’t distinguish reality from his dreams. This continued until he ended up at the hospital for 4 days. This set him back in his life and he disappeared off the scene for quite sometime. Finally after an extensive recovery, he managed to get back into his grind.

One of his career highlights was being promoted and mentored by Earl Sweatshirt. He learned a lot from Earl, and one of the things that he really spoke to him was about how he should be writing his music. Earl had told Lucki to write about his own life and perspective. Since then, he has tried to write his music only in this style.

Lucki & Playboi Carti

Lucki was friends with Playboi Carti, he was staying with him when he first came to Los Angeles, CA (Lucki lives in Hollywood, California today) They even made a song together. This was before “Broke Boi” and “What” came out. Today, he no longer keeps in contact with Carti.

Lucki’s Mission

After all this, Lucki finally managed to drop his latest album Watch My Back (2017). Changing up his style to match what he’s actually feeling in the moment. He believes in expressing what he’s feeling in the moment he’s recording. He wants the listener to understand what’s going on in his head.

Looking back, he doesn’t regret all the drugs he has done on in the past. He actually said he enjoyed it and had a lots of fun. Now, he’s staying away from Xanax, and trying to maintain productivity as he continues to promote his music and finish his latest tour.


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