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Nolanberollin is part of the next generation of SoundCloud rappers. He has been making music for several years and is primarily known for the ironic themes he uses in his music. He shows his listeners that he is aware of the SoundCloud viral wave that is currently happening. With his music he is trying to communicate that “This shit is ridiculous,” in reference to all the stunts and drama SoundCloud rappers have been performing in efforts to go viral.


Nolanberollin was one of the original Soundcloud music creators. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He first started posting on the site when it was in the beta version. He was only uploading beats he produced on Ableton, and was getting only like 50 plays a song. He soon realized nobody wants to listen to beats so he started rapping. He also explains when he was young he was prescribed a lot of drugs and this made him act weird. Once he reached his 20s he moved to Southern California, he currently resides in Long Beach.

Nollanberollin Music Influences

Nolanberollin’s primary influence was Odd Future. He explains when he heard Earl Sweatshirt “kill the beat,” he knew right then he wanted to produce. Eventually Earl reached out to him via DM and they became friends. He also says another music influence was the fact that he played the saxophone in his childhood. This had made him already acclimate to reading sheet music. He didn’t really listen to rap much back then, and was more surrounded by the asian culture like Kpop and anime themed music.

Nolanberollin and his term “The Art of Fake Kickin Shit”

Nolanberollin says that once he moved to LA, he realized everyone “Fake Kicked It.” What he means is that everyone has to be hanging with people they don’t really like just to get ahead and stay relevant. He said that when he used to live in Virgina he was very anti-social and never really left the house. Now that he is in California, he knows that he has go out and socialize since everything is so close together. This transition has been strange for him, since he was used to being on Skype and making beats all day. The friends he has today, he met on Call Of Duty. This happened because he had started one of the first YouTube channels using rap background music during gameplay screen recordings.

Nollanberollin Producing and Mastering

Nollanberollin always tries to make all of his music. From the beat to the engineering, he does it all. He taught himself how to do everything with YouTube video tutorials. His music took a pause once he was arrested in Richmond, Virginia for a probation violation that he will not disclose. Once in jail, his music started blowing up and once he was released he started taking his music seriously.

Nollanberollin Future Plans

Nolanberollin is relatively relaxed when it comes to his future plans. He is really open to working with anybody with good music. He also explains he would rather produce than actually rap. He would like to work with Lil B in the near future because of the big influence Lil B is on him.


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