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UnoTheActivist is a well-known underground rapper, who has been rapping since high school. He is known for creating his fanbase alongside Thouxanbanfauni, and being a relative of Playboi Carti (cousin). Contrary to popular belief, his name is not a reference to the lean brand, but to his attitude towards life.


UnoTheActivist is an Atlanta based rapper. He got his name from being the first born in his family, and it was something his dad used to call him. He also states “He is the most positive nigga in the trap.” That’s where the “Activist” part comes from, not from the lean brand. His mom had raised him by herself since the 5th grade, that’s when his dad and mom had split. Because of this, he was the man of the house and just drifted to always hanging with people older than him. Eventually, he got arrested twice when he was 14, for stealing and fighting.

UnoTheActivist’s Beginnings In Music

UnoTheActivist was influenced by Lil Wayne and Andre3000, because that’s what his dad would listen to. He soon started creating “chopped and screwed” music for fun. Later, when Playboi Carti had dropped his first tape (when UnoTheActivist was in 9th grade) he ended up chopping and screwing his whole tape for him. UnoTheActivist says he cares a lot about his lyrics and he wants to be able to provide quality dialect throughout his music. At the same time, he is very flexible when it comes to creating music.

UnoTheActivist & Playboi Carti

UnoTheActivist is  actually Playboi Carti’s blood relative (cousin). They were both in the same rap group, and started taking music seriously during 9th grade. UnoTheActivist says his cousin, Playboi Carti was always a very energetic and funny person. Their flow really worked well together, resulting in the song named “What” being created from a freestyle. Unfortunately besides that project, they never really were involved with one another’s music career.

UnoTheActivist & Thouxanbanfauni

UnoTheActivist and Thouxanbanfauni had mutual friends, and because of this they shared the same group chat. That’s how they had met, and eventually they met in person just like Thouxanbanfauni had described it. They started working together, meanwhile Playboi Carti left to New York to do his own thing. UnoTheActivist and Thouxanbanfauni both helped each other grow their music careers for quite sometime. This helped them really build their foundation.

UnoTheActivist Future Plans

UnoTheActivist’s plan for the future involve him trying new things and making more music. Like his name implies, he is very optimistic for what is to come. He will continue “to go with the flow” when making his future music, he said he might rap or he might sing. It’s up to what he’s feeling at the moment.


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