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Comethazine is an Illinois based rapper with a unique sound and style. While some may compare him to Jaden Smith (appearance) or OhTrapStar (sound). This is not the case, any real fan can tell you that he is completely different. By creating his own wave, Comethazine, secures his position in the music industry and will only be going up from here on out.


Comethazine is an Illinois based rapper. Being raised in St. Louis (East), his mother always wanted him to go to college and become a lawyer. However, he didn’t want that life path and just wanted to make music. Once he realized how much his mom despised it; it made him want to do it even more. Additionally, he wasn’t the best student in school even though he actually tried to get good grades. He never wanted to fail, but he always had trouble focusing and paying attention. He describes himself as “the kid in the back of the class with all the girls.”

Comethazine’s Previous Jobs

Before Comethazine’s music career took off, he was working as a mechanic at a repair shop. He remembers being at work and this guy named “Joey” had called him and told him he enjoyed his music and wanted to fly him out to New York. As soon as he hung up the phone, he just walked right out of his job and the next day he was on a plane to NY. Two days later his boss called him up and asked if he can bring back the flashlight Comethazine had borrowed, as way of checking if he was coming back to work. Right there and then he knew he was never going back and ended up keeping the light.

Comethazine’s Music and Style

Comethazine’s top 3 influences are Rick James, Chief Keef, and 50 Cent. He says he’s a combination of all three. He came up with his rap name, when people started calling him cocaine because of his light complexion. He also drank a lot of lean. So he put two and two together and combined the words “cocaine” and “promethazine,” creating Comethazine. This is actually his Instagram username. He used to have it verified but unfortunately during his earlier days, he posted a video of him being disrespectful to a restaurant employee. Everyone was getting mad at the way he treated the employee. He later then refreshed his page and saw his blue verified check just disappear. He currently is working on getting his blue check back.

Comethazine’s Future Plans

Comethazine’s future plans include creating more music without any collabs. He really doesn’t like working with other rappers and would rather release a project by himself. On a side note, he plans on upgrading his Mustang to a Jaguar.


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