D Savage is an LA based rapper, who previously known affiliations were with Thouxanbanfauni and UnoTheActivist. However due to an altercation, they are no longer seen together. D Savage has come along way and has built a tremendous fan base using no visuals (music videos). The peak of D Savage’s career is yet to come.

D Savage 3900

D Savage was born in Queens, NY; but he moved to Los Angeles, CA when he was only 2 years old. He lived in a decent neighborhood with both his parents being college graduates. Ironically, D Savage was always getting in trouble and getting mediocre grades in school. During this time, he was hanging out with Tyler the Creator and his people. That’s when he met Weej, a known music collaborator with D Savage. He was always getting kicked out of his house, so D Savage would just go hang out with his friend, Andres, who had a small studio in his garage. This is how he was first introduced to recording music.

D Savage’s Introduction To Music

D Savage started getting into rapping because he would spend lots of his time at Tyler the Creator’s house, this was around the time Tyler was making one of his first albums. He realized since school wasn’t working out for him, he was going to pursue a music career instead. This led up to him recording “30 Round Clip,” his first song he had ever recorded. He wasn’t really trying to become a rapper, he had done it for fun and when he showed his friends, they all told him to post it. Surprisingly, this song started accumulating a lot of plays and this made D Savage to start taking music more seriously.

D Savage, Thouxanbanfauni, & UnoTheActivist

D Savage used to rap alongside Thouxanbanfauni and UnoTheActivist for quite sometime. This was until they had an altercation, where both sides seem to have their own version of the story. It got to the point where they were calling each other out on social media and dropping locations. Thouxanbanfauni and UnoTheActivist ended up pulling up at the SAKE store, where D Savage was throwing a party. This was where an “unknown” individual drew a gun and started shooting. This caused the whole event to get shut down and got D Savage into an even more heated situation with the duo.

D Savage & GrownBoi Trap

D Savage met GrownBoi Trap online, they both liked each other’s music and ended linking up. They noticed they both were on the same page, so they ended up becoming a group. GrownBoi Trap visited D Savage in New York and ended up doing an interview with Say Cheese TV. They also pulled up together to their No Jumper interview. One story they always bring up is when they got locked up for a small amount of weed in their tour van.

D Savage’s Future Plans

D Savage’s future plans is to keep growing his fanbase and eventually convert it into something else. He understands the power of having a following and he would like to monetize this “cult” following with something else besides music. He is currently working on a project that is set to drop soon. He understands that he has been holding the music back a little too long, because he’s starting to get bored from preforming his most popular songs. He’s working on fixing this and blessing his fans with new music. On another note, D Savage is trying to travel more and plans on visiting Florida soon (he has never been). Through all the ups and downs in D Savage’s career, he’s grateful to be where he is today.



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