Famous Dex is a Chicago based rapper, with a unique flow and style. Staying focused on his music career and not allowing the opinions of others to get to him; is what has allowed him to get where is today. Known for working with Lil Tracy, Lil Pump, SmokePurpp, Soulja Boy and many more; Famous Dex has been growing as an artist and has many more big collaborations to come.

Famous Dex

Famous Dex (born in Harlem, New York) was raised in Englewood, Chicago. As a teen, Famous Dex enjoyed going to school because he all his friends were there during the day, he was even on the high school’s basketball team freshman and sophomore year. Famous Dex was really into basketball until junior year where he started getting involved in the streets. This was when he started robbing and selling drugs. He was hanging around Lil Jay around this time. Famous Dex recalls a time they were on the way to one of their friend’s funerals (Jojo) when they got pulled over, Lil Jay was caught with 50 molly pills. This was roughly Famous Dex’s lifestyle until he started getting into music.

Famous Dex’s Intro To Music

Famous Dex acknowledges the fact that hanging around Lil Jay all the time, made the music grind rub of on him. He started writing and once he felt comfortable, Famous Dex showed it to one of the rappers he had around. Fast forward a couple weeks, and Famous Dex had already made a couple songs. He was motivated to keep pushing forward and keep making music because he observed Lil Jay making a lot of money from features and shows. That’s around the time he decided to pursue music full time.

Famous Dex’s Work Ethic

Famous Dex work ethic is unmatched. He always tries to maintain his productivity at all times, he surrounds himself only by positive people who are on the same mindset. Famous Dex thanks Laka Films and Cole Bennet ( Lyrical Lemonade) for helping him create the hundreds of music videos he’s gotten published. He truly enjoys his music career, and always wants to be working on further growing his platform. Famous Dex believes in releasing as many music videos as possible, rather than holding back and allowing time to pass. He explains since his job as a rapper is primarily based on him releasing content, music videos is what he utilizes to keep his fans engaged and up to date. Additionally, Famous Dex says if he ever makes a video with any other rapper, he makes sure that video gets released as soon as possible.

Famous Dex Old Vs New

Famous Dex originally had a lot of bad publicity attached to his name, due to the fact that someone had released a video of him beating his girlfriend. This video brought a lot of negative attention, and there were rumors that he was locked up for this. Fast foward, several months Famous Dex appears on No Jumper admitting that nobody got hurt and that he did not go to jail. Famous Dex also stated that him and his girlfriend are better than ever and that she is pregnant with his child. Famous Dex also had an excessive lean habit that has costed him hundreds of thousands of dollars. He states in one of his interviews that he has spent more than $100,000 on lean.

Famous Dex Future Plans

Currently signed to Rich Forever Music, Famous Dex is currently going on a publicity run doing several interviews. He will be releasing his latest album “Dex Meet Dexter,” hence the publicity run right before the drop. He plans on keeping God first, and continuing to be grateful for all his blessings. Famous Dex knows that without his incredible work ethic, God, and the great connections he has made along the way; he wouldn’t be where he is today. Famous Dex’s current number one priority is to provide for kids and family. He knows as along as he does these two things everything else will fall into place.



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