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Lil House Phone, originally from Hawthorne, now resides around Los Angeles and is regularly seen with the No Jumper – Rope Gang Crew. With his rise and wave originally being curated by the No Jumper Team, Lil House Phone has kept pushing forward and has grown to be an artist with significant following. Having such a powerful team behind him and an incredible network, Lil House Phone is here to stay.

Lil House Phone

Lil House Phone was raised in a “good melting pot”, which we describes as being in between the hood and the upscale suburbs. He is grateful to have been raised there because he managed to stay away from gang activity. Instead, he was a hypebeast/skater, making money by selling Jordans and other clothing. He attended R.K. Lloyde Continuation High School, where he said he was getting into fights over people trying to get his NY Yankee fitted. Lil House Phone’s childhood friends include members of Odd Future.

Lil House Phone’s Introduction To Rap

Lil House Phone went to his first Ham On Everything show on Halloween, either in 2011 or 2012 (he doesn’t remember).  Lil Ugly Mane, Kreayshawn, and Riff Raff were the ones preforming. He recalls that since he was from LA, he hated the club scene and preferred to go to warehouse parties. He remembers that he walked into this rap/rave party where there were several females wearing levi shorts and dirty vans. He liked this vibe, and decided then that he would become a rapper. A HAM On Everything show was also Lil House Phone’s first experience being on a flyer and scheduled to preform. Unfortunately, right before his performance he was jumped, which made security assume he was fighting and resulted in him being kicked out of his own show. He did not get to preform.

Lil House Phone & No Jumper (Adam22)

Lil House Phone was a regular party goer, and he met Adam at one of the several parties he attended. His first impression of Adam and his crew was that he assumed they were “gangsta,” since he saw all the tattoos his crew had and how they always moved as a pack. This new friendship eventually ended up with him being on the No Jumper podcast, and being a co-host for several episodes. Lil House Phone gives credit to Adam for allowing him to be where he is today. Without his promotion, channel, and shows; he doesn’t think he could have achieved what he has today. He’s thankful for everything.

Lil House Phone Music Taste

Lil House Phone has recently just began to listen to his own music as part of his rotation. He says that he enjoys listening to himself when he’s alone or even with his friends in the car. He understands that people might see him as a troll/meme rapper but he explains that he really takes his music seriously. Besides himself he enjoys listening to Smokepurpp and Tekashi69; pretty much anything that is trending.

Lil House Phone Future Plans

Lil House Phone says he has a lot going on, and he plans to drop a new mixtape alongside a short film. He says to be on the lookout because several things are in the making. This includes new merchandise, which may drop on the No Jumper website or even his own site. He’s doesn’t want to give out to much info, but says not to worry because new music is on the way.



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