Lil Xan, perviously known as Baby Niquil, is a California based rapper. Lil Xan and his known partner/mentor $teve Cannon both have been working on music for quite sometime. Lil Xan believes his persistence to his music career is what got him to where he is today. Contradictory to what his name may imply, Lil Xan has quit taking Xanax pills and doesn’t recommend anybody to start.

Lil Xan (previously known as Baby Nyquil)

Lil Xan, previously known as Baby Nyquil, was born on September 6, 1996 in Redlands, California. He was originally a photographer, until his two thousand dollar camera was stolen at a $teve Cannon concert. He had left it on the DJ booth for just a second to fan preform on the stage. Once he had realized there was no way he was getting his camera back, Lil Xan started rapping. He figured rapping only cost $20 an hour, while his camera was gonna cost him another 2k.

Lil Xan & $teve Cannon

Lil Xan attributes a lot of his success to $teve Cannon. He was a fan of his music and even said “still hasn’t heard anything like it.” $teve Cannon liked one of Lil Xan’s songs and quickly became his manager. They both helped each other’s careers through various collaborations. $teve Cannon says that he predicted the popularity Lil Xan has recently encountered.

Fans & Hate

Lil Xan and $teve Cannon both explain how they have received hate for their image and music. They said people have called them “bartards” and other druggie names. On the contrary, Lil Xan is overwhelmed with all the love his fans have been showing. He is really happy he has the strong supporters he has today.


Lil Xan has several tattoos on him, specifically word tattoos. He explains that some of the tattoos he got on a whim and others he strategically planned. For example, the word “Candy” on his face is actually his mothers name. He got this because he knew his Mom could not get mad at that, or at least he figured. He also tattooed the word “Xanarchy” on his face to further grow the clothing brand he has built behind it. Lastly, the “Zzz” he has on his face were tattooed on the spur of the moment, as he explains that he just got it because he’s always sleeping or feeling tired.

Lil Xan’s Xanax Use

Lil Xan explains he got his name from his Xanax habit. He said his friend called him that because he was always taking xans. Unfortunately, Lil Xan took this habit to a whole new level and ended up in the hospital several times. Finally, after getting tired of going to the hospital and having health issues, he decided to sober up. He has been clean for around 6 months and plans on remaining off them. He does not recommend them to anybody.

Lil Xan’s Xanax Use

Lil Xan plans for the future, are to continue growing his music career and clothing brand. He explains in an interview that clothing is what he would be doing if he wasn’t already rapping. He plans on collaborating with new artists and working hard to get to the next level.


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